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About Anita

Anita Curtis

Anita Curtis

Anita Curtis worked in the Accounting Department in a large insurance company. The company was downsizing in 1994 and offered early retirement packages to certain employees who qualified due to age and length of service with the company.

Anita had been studying telepathic communications with animals and decided to take the retirement offer and go into the animal communication business on a full time basis.

Her animal communication business, Anita Curtis Animal Communications, comprises both telephone consultations and the teaching of telepathic communications. The business has grown to be very successful, and in 2001 Anita published her book on the subject, Animal Wisdom: How to Hear the Animals.

When Anita’s husband, Vic was terminally ill in 1999 he was unable to speak. She used her skills in telepathic communications to understand what he needed and feel the level of his pain. The hospice nurses treating him confirmed her information. Her son was able to communicate verbally with her during his final illness in 2007, but when he would become sick in the night she would be standing at his side as he was awakening and before he could call out to her.

Anita has created a seminar to teach her skills to those who give care to patients who cannot verbalize their wants and needs. She has been able to communicate with people like her husband who was too weak to speak, patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke victims, and those suffering with autism. There are many others who would benefit from using this form of communication.