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Introductory Seminar for Caregivers of Nonverbal Individuals

The greatest challenge in dealing with nonverbal patients is understanding what they are feeling when they are not able to communicate their needs. Whether the disability is rooted in autism, stroke, Down’s syndrome, illness, or injury, the patients all have the same challenge: to make themselves understood.

This seminar introduces an innovative way of communicating with nonverbal patients, enabling caregivers to better understand their patients’ emotional and physical needs. For the professional caregiver, the technique is a time and money saver; and for both family and the professional, it can ease levels of frustrations between patient and caregiver.

This one-day seminar can be tailored to either professional caregivers or to family members or can include both. We learn techniques to hone skills to communicate with the nonverbal. We learn to interpret feelings and sensations to relate to the patient. We help them feel connected, from their minds to ours.

We will be able to

  • Know what will make the patient comfortable
  • Attend to health needs
  • Ease frustrations of patient and caregiver
  • Strengthen bonds
  • Understand the patient’s fears
  • Communicate clearly
  • Share our caring and compassion
  • Obtain a clearer understanding of symptoms the patient is experiencing
  • Learn about the patient’s perception of his/her environment and daily care