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Stroke Patient

I consulted Anita Curtis on 5/4/2009 to help me communicate with my mother, who had a stroke on 3/27/2009. I have worked with Anita in the past on several occasions to communicate with my animals, both living and deceased. This session with Anita worked the same way as the sessions I had with Anita communicating with my animals.

Anita asked Mother’s name, and immediately began talking about discomfort in Mother’s right ear. It is her right hearing aid that whistles, but Anita said this is more of a discomfort behind her ear, such as swelling, which is uncomfortable. She also said there is some soreness in her throat on the right side, high in the back, with some scratchiness. Anita suggested an ear, nose, and throat specialist. I asked the doctor who visits Mother to check Mother’s right ear, as she does take that hearing aid off several times a day. She leaves the left one in place. He did not note on her chart that he found any problems with her ear or throat.

Addendum 5/12/09: The audiologist came today to adjust Mother’s hearing aids and found an infection in her right ear!

Anita went on to say that Mother is confused and doesn’t always know where she is. She drifts in and out, like in a dream. She hears a buzzing or motor running sound, which makes her think there is something wrong with the refrigerator at her home, and she wants to get up and go check it. She hears sounds in the hallway and they get incorporated into her dreams. She thinks she is at home, and wants to get up and do things. But she is very tired, and her body and legs especially feel heavy like lead.

She thinks that she hears people in the basement. Anita asked if we had a 2 story house. It is a rancher but the washer and dryer are in the basement. Anita thought that Mother is hallucinating again.

Mother told Anita her bed is moved around. I thought she meant that the floor plan is flipped in her current room from her bedroom at home, but late in the day today my sister said that the staff had moved Mother’s bed around so that it faces the window. I didn’t even know this, but Anita did because Mother told her.

When I asked Anita about foods Mother might want, she asked Anita for applesauce and jelly, possibly in peanut butter crackers.

Anita explained to Mother that she has had a stroke and needs to have therapy to get better. She told her to pretend she is in a large hotel, where there are people to take care of everything she needs.

Anita thanked Mom for showing her so much of what is going on with her.

That night Mother ate almost all her dinner, the most she has eaten since she has been sick.

Delaware, May 12, 2009

Alzheimer’s Patient

Dear Anita,

I just wanted to share with you a phone call I just had from my father. I’ve been trying to tell him about what you told me about my mother. Have had to go slowly, he’s not a believer, but I think he may become one soon.

I’ve told him what you shared with me about Mom’s fear of abandonment during her accident as a child and about her anger with his alleged affair (it was her father, not her husband who had the affair). Anyway, she was raging at him and he told her that he was there for her, that he wouldn’t leave her and then he asked her if it was possible that she was confusing him with her father. Apparently it stopped her cold and she thought about it for quite awhile. Then she said, very quietly, that she thought he was right. She sobbed for a few minutes and then became very calm. He said she’s been different ever since! He then told me that he felt very differently about this as well. He is NOT an emotional person, but his voice was cracking as he told me that story.

Thank you for making such a profound difference! I wanted to let you know that the magic continues and I have a feeling that more will unfold soon. If/when you decide to do your workshop please let me know. I really would love to attend.

New York, October 20, 2007

Coma Patient

I recently asked Anita to try to communicate with my father who is 93 and has been in a coma for the past several weeks and on life support. Anita was able to communicate with my Dad very easily. She said he really wanted to talk, and he had quite a bit to say. Anita really “knew” my Dad without ever having met him. She told me things about him that I thought no one but the family knew. Since my Dad has had a several massive strokes and is in a vegetative state, it gave me great comfort and closure to be able to communicate with him before he leaves his body.

Anita is a wonderful person and an amazing communicator, and I would recommend her to anyone
wanting to to communicate with either an animal or person.

Blue Jay, California

Parkinson’s Patient

Anita Curtis helped me communicate with my father when he was disabled by Parkinson’s disease. He could still talk coherently on some days, and some days he could not. We began by asking him how he felt. He told us his neck hurt, and I could see that from looking at the way he sat in the wheel chair. He told us he had a bad taste in his mouth. I could verify this because he had been complaining about the taste and not eating. She described that he felt like he was in and out of his body.

He told us about a bright orange and deep blue color he saw. Anita described it as swirling, vivid rainbows. The next time he was coherent I asked him about the colors, and he described them.

He told her he was planning on leaving and told her “three”– three days or three weeks,
she could not tell. This was the 17th of the month; he died on the 30th.

He looked around his room and described the things around him– the pictures on the wall, the side of the bed where real people came to see him. All that he described through Anita I could verify.

He said there were spirits around him, three people and a yellowish dog. A woman slender and stooped, maybe a sister; a man who looks like a minister; and a dog with a man who looks like he is sitting in a wheel chair. These three that he saw the most were on the left side of the bed. This was the wall side.

I later looked up who in the family these people could be. The woman was most likely my great Aunt Emma who died in the 1920s. She was the unmarried aunt who took care of the rest of the family when someone needed extra help due to sickness or child birth. The man who looks like a minister is a mystery because we are Quakers, and there were no ministers that I know of. However, in the 1800s the style of men’s collars could account for the image. The man with the dog is an unknown too. Our family was not known to have dogs, though I have since learned that Uncle Dean had a dog that went everywhere with him. My father was quite fond of Uncle Dean who died in the 1930s.

The next visit I had with my father on a day he was coherent I asked him about some of the things I talked about through Anita, and he verified them. I told him after he answered my questions that I had been talking with him through Anita, and he started to tell me it was imagination. I said, “Dad, where does imagination come from?” He could not answer that.

I loved my father and was so glad to be able to talk with him through Anita’s help. It reassured me that he was OK and made me even more sure of the information I received through her gift because I could verify so much of what we talked about.

Honeybrook, PA

Alzheimer’s Patient

The guilt I felt after placing my mother in an adult care residence was overwhelming until I had a session with Anita Curtis. My mother is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, and communication with her is next to impossible.

After I told Anita my mother’s name and age, Anita quickly contacted her. Mother identified herself with back pain. That was Mother! She has had a history of back problems for most of her adult life. She immediately told Anita that she did not like the curtains in her room; this is something Mother has complained about since the first day of her stay!

Mother also told her that she “loves” her doll. That was certainly Mother! I had given her a doll about a year ago, and she sleeps with it every night. She also talks to the doll and makes sure it is safely tucked into bed if we leave her room.

Mother talks to me about visits she gets from her “Mommy and Daddy” and deceased siblings. Her roommate confirms that mother has conversations, out loud, at night, but when checked, Mother is asleep. One of the most exciting visitors, for me, is the young man with the light brown/blonde hair who comes all the time and tells her to “be calm.” That is my dearly departed, soul mate husband whose mother also had Alzheimer’s. We cared for his mother, and he always held her and told her to “just be calm, Mother.”

Anita assures me that my mother is content and loves the attention (being fussed over) from all the nurses and aids– and she does! She also assures me that Mother still adores me (I am an only child), even if she does get me confused at times with the nurses. This melted my heart since my mother and I have been best friends all my life.

When Anita told me that Mother sees herself as a “little girl,” that explained to me why she now refers to her deceased mother as “Mommy.”

Anita, with her gift, compassion, and information, has allowed me to forgive myself and drop the guilt and become the uplifting daughter once again!

Abingdon, VA, May 15, 2012